World Whisky Day

Saturday May 15th is one of my favourite days of the year! 

It's World Whisky Day! What a great excuse to crack open the special bottle you've been saving or maybe one of our whisk(e)y based drinks. Now this is not the time to go into why some are spelt with the e and some aren't. I find it pointless and irritating but like some many drinks out there it's shrouded in these silly rules. 

Luckily we do put these rules to one side and have created three exciting whiskey based drinks for you to enjoy. Two absolute classics with the Old Fashioned (my favourite) and the Manhattan. We have also added in the lesser know Midnight Manhattan, a darker cousin of the original with a little more depth and complexity. 

We also have a couple more whiskey based drinks on their way to the store but more on that another day. 

To help us all celebrate this wonderful day together we're giving away more cocktails! You can win yourself a 500ml Old Fashioned by entering our competition over on Instagram. Simple find the recent post of the Old Fashioned and follow the steps in the comments. 

Good luck and cheers to World Whisky Day!