Crockers at Home

The Rainbow



Similar to the Milkman package, the Rainbow offers you the simplicity of three 500ml cocktails delivered each quarter.

With the rainbow you get to choose three different cocktails, delivered to your door each quarter. After the first three months you can just keep the same three rolling or change your selection to try something new

The Rainbow subscription runs for a minimum of six months. 


The price of the package covers your first quarter of the subscription. Shortly after ordering, our team will be in touch to setup your cocktail of choice and quarterly direct debit of £61 (inc shipping). The direct debit payment will be taken on or around the 28th of the month with your quarterly Rainbow cocktails arriving on or around the 10th of the following month. Your subscription can be cancelled at anytime after the first six months with at least 30 days notice before your next delivery. 


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