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The Holy Trinity


The Holy Trinity are my personal favourite trio of cocktails that I always go to on a night out. Three absolute classics that certainly pack a punch but I feel represent everything you want from a proper cocktail. 

The Old Fashioned was my first love. So much so I was banned from ordering them at busy times in my favourite bar because they took so long. Well we don't have that problem anymore. The perfect blend of whisky (my favourite) with sweetness and a little bitter edge. 

The Gin Martini is the pinnacle of class and sophistication in my opinion. Two simple ingredients come together to create a very special drink. I still remember the first time I had one in Roules in Covent Garden and it blew my mind!

The Negroni. A real opinion splitter due to it's bitterness but mixed perfectly and diluted just the right amount it's an enjoyable drink before, during or after dinner. 

I hope you enjoy the Holy Trinity as much as I do. Luke

500ml bottles contain 5 drinks

200ml bottles contain 2 drinks

Make sure you shake the bottle before drinking, pour over ice, stir for 20 seconds and enjoy.

Old Fashioned 30.2% vol | Negroni 26.7% | Martini 36.2%



Our standard (Monday to Thursday) courier service is £7.00 per delivery for up to 10 bottles. Orders must be placed before 12pm Monday to Thursday for shipping within 48 hours. 

Our Saturday courier service is available for £15 per delivery for up to 10 bottles. 

Orders placed after 12pm on a Friday will be sent on the following Monday. 

Please view our Shipping Policy for full terms and conditions.


By ordering this item you confirm that you are of legal age in UK (18 years of age or older) when purchasing alcohol. You agree that we will require proof of age at the time of delivery.

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